Types of bows:

Add a final touch to that big gift, business opening, grand event or surprise!

With Big Event Bows you make your present say, “Look at me!”  So whether you want to draw attention to a vehicle in your showroom, or add something extra when delivering a new car, appliance, bike or boat, a bow from Big Event Bows is the perfect choice!

Looking for a bow for smaller event or surprise? 


Bikes, appliances, speakers, jet skis, small boats or other small to medium size gifts, we have a smaller gift bow for just such an event...

Big moments in life = big bows... create unforgettable memories with our handmade Big Event Bows ...


We can create a custom bow for practically any event with any material. 

Why not print your message on the tail of our custom bows? We can work with you to create the bow that will suit your event!



We also hand make custom wedding car bows in various colours and sizes.

We sell a variety of ribbons in various sizes and colours so that you could really gift-wrap your present.

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